Mithila Art Institute


The Mithila Art Institute in Madhubani,  state of Bihar, India has been training artists in the history and practice of Mithila  art for over a decade.  Established in 2003 with the help of the Ethnic Arts Foundation, the Institute charges no tuition and uses an annual blind competition to select  25 -30 students for its two year program, the second year by invitation only.  Since its founding it has graduated over 400 young women and a few men. Some have gone on to become professional artists, a few with national and international reputations.  Some teach in schools and Institutes, some give private instruction and others have gone back to their families to continue with their lives but all through their study and practice of Mithila art contribute to the vitality and continuity of this centuries old indigenous women’s art form.

…“…S.AI  Awagami paper supports Mithila Art Institute

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